lunes, febrero 03, 2014

Zihuatanejo, Are We There Yet?

I've been getting very anxious as the date for my trip to Zihuatanejo is getting closer and closer every day. This is not unheard of in me: though I really love to visit other places, I get very stressed with the plans, the preparations, and the thought of traveling by plane (both because the airfare to Zihuatanejo is outrageously expensive and because I still have some fear of planes). I usually like to travel by bus more that by plane, but for this particular trip, the second to the last stretch of the run goes from Morelia to Lazaro Cardenas, in Michoacan - and this made me a little nervous.
So I read a lot about this and I asked people too, and there are all kinds of opinions. The travel warning issued by the US Department of State almost discourages traveling to many states of Mexico. However, other people who have traveled there and especially people living in the specific area tell me that it is safe to travel during the day. I tend to listen to them because I have been living in a city where shootings and crime reached high levels in the past years, and yet the actual everyday situation was not as terrible as the newspapers and TV showed to the world.
Fortunately, I have a niece who works at a travel agency who told me there's a big chance that she can get promotional one-way tickets for me and Rodolfo at a very reasonable price, only it's not a direct flight and it involves several stop-overs. Who cares? The return tickets I already purchased.
I'm also a little worried about Chucho and the other two dogs. Rosy, the cleaning lady, is supposed to come home every day and give them food and water, but still I don't feel 100 percent comfortable. Hopefully Isela can also come and take a look to make sure they're OK. I'd take them to a dog hotel but I really can't afford it.
 The day before yesterday I had a wonderful time buying presents for Güero and the other members of the family, anticipating their happy faces when they receive them. I ticked off all the gifts except for the most important: the wedding present for Kim (Güero's aunt) and her soon-to-be husband. I had planned a quick trip to Laredo, Tx. this morning but somehow I didn't feel OK with the idea and postponed the trip. As I get older, I've learned to listen to my heart. Well, I'm sure I can find something beautiful at the local stores tomorrow.
For the wedding, there's going to be a civil ceremony at the beach next Saturday, and the religious wedding on Monday at the Jehova's Witness Kingdom Hall. I've never attended a JW wedding before, but I can imagine that it's going to be a formal event very different from the Catholic celebrations I've attended in the past, where booze, cumbia, and lots of fun are important components.
But what I can't really wait for is seeing my Güero again, who is a big fifth-grade boy now. I plan to catch up with him and the family, eat delicious home-made food, smell the salty air and enjoy hours and hours on the beach. Are we there yet?
BTW, are there any expats who live in Zihuatanejo reading this?

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  1. waaaaa no le entendí XD pero parece que vas a hacer un viaje no?

    bueno pues si es así te deseo muy buen viaje y si no es un viaje, unos buenos sapes para mi por no saber inglés jajaja


    1. Ay, m'hijo, pues le puse un botón para que traduzca a cualquier idioma, es de Google Translate, pero no sé por qué razón no está funcionando... y sí me voy de viaje, ya hace mucha falta. Saludos.

  2. Relax. Everything will be fine, and you will have a wonderful time. ¡Buen viaje!

    1. Now this is encouraging, thanks! I'm feeling better now that almost all the arrangements have been taken care of.

  3. Quiero conocer, estoy con antojo de ir a Zihuatanejo.


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