miércoles, marzo 26, 2014

Canadians Like Monterrey Too!

During our visit to Paseo Santa Lucia yesterday, Kim and I saw a bunch of motorhomes close-by. I was very intrigued because I had never heard of an RV park in Monterrey, much less in the city's heart.

El Norte newspaper ran a very succinct article today with the title "Canadians invade Santa Lucia". It seems that a group of Canucks is visiting my city, but I was unable to find further information. Does anyone know anything about this? Joanna, do you? What if I decided to start a career as a tourist guide?

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  1. You would probably be an excellent tourist guide!

    1. Thanks!... the idea certainly appeals me....

  2. As someone who has experienced your tourist-guide skills recently and at first-hand, I can say you'd be a PHENOMENAL tourist guide.

    As an aside I ran into 3 Canadian motorcyclists here yesterday. They had ridden as far south as Bolivia. Bolivia!!! And were on their way back to Canada.

    Now THAT'S and adventure.


    Kim G
    Zacatecas, ZAC
    Where we are soaking up the beauty of this place and its handsome people.

  3. Thanks for your kind words Kim. And I truly agree... that trip to Bolivia was a MAJOR adventure. Some day I would like to ride the decrepit train that takes the tourists to La Paz (breaking down every few kilometers) and breathe the unbreathable air there. Enjoy Zacatecas, the homeland of my father. He was born and died in Villanueva, which is very, very close to Zacatecas. The temazcal I mentioned is there too -- it's open Saturdays and it would make wonders if you can make the trip. (01 499 9260094, Calle Villanueva s/n Colonia La Loma). There is also an archeological site a few minutes from there: La Quemada. Consider visiting, it's not far at all.

    La Quemada is a Mesoamerican archeological site, also known (according to different versions) as Chicomóztoc.[1][2] It is located in the Villanueva Municipality, in the state of Zacatecas, about 56 km south of the city of Zacatecas on Federal Highway 54 Zacatecas–Guadalajara, in Mexico.

  4. Good Morning, (may I call you Tino?) Is it polite for me to refer to you this way as we do not know each other yet?

    By way of introduction, I am Sharon Keenan from Boston and I found a link to your blog on Kim's blog. What a lovely way for me to start my Sunday morning. I tried to post a response on your blog, but it appears that it was unsuccessful. :(

    Your writing about the journey with your mother is heartfelt and even with the English translation (unfortunately I don't speak Spanish fluently) I found your words to be so compelling. Frequently, people are so busy writing solely about how they feel and respond to the situation, that the key element in the writing is lost. This is particularly true of many native English speakers (myself included in some types of writing that I do) and yet, you as a native Spanish speaker, could translate your feelings so beautifully into English along with the main focus of the story, which is in each post that I read about your mother. Beautiful, beautiful reads!

    Do read any of the books by Isabel Allende? The way that you craft your words reminds me of her writing.

    Time for me to get to work. Yes, it's Sunday and yet I grade papers today!

    Kindly, Sharon

    1. Sharon, thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting my blog, It is really gratifying to know that my stories about my mother, my pets, my daily life, and my personal thoughts can put a smile on another person's face and possible touch their emotions too. And of course you can call me Tino! I've read some books by Isabel Allende, but not as of recently, she's a very nice writer. Again, thanks so much for visiting.


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