miércoles, abril 16, 2014

Once in a Red Moon: First Total Lunar Eclipse of 2014

Here and there, on the radio, TV, and social networks, there was a lot of excitement about the first of four lunar eclipses that would be observed on the edge of the eve of April 14. I'm not a big fan of observing the sky and I'd never buy a telescope, but this time I got excited too and the night before I decided to set the alarm on my cellphone at 2:30 and go to bed as early as possible.
I wasn't so sure that the sky would be clear enough for the eclipse to be visible -- the day had started clear and warm, but around noon the temperature dramatically dropped and a lot of wind-chased clouds covered the sky. I was a bit too tired and slept like a baby.
Suddenly, I heard Rodolfo getting up from bed, complaining that Chucho was trying to sleep on top of his head and pressed his paws on his face. The eclipse! I exclaimed. What time is it? Why didn't the alarm go off????
Oh, no. It was already past 3:30 a.m. -- I had forgotten that, thanks to the Google Assist app, my smartphone goes silent at 11 p.m. and sleeps and lets me sleep until 7 a.m. Nevertheless, I ran to the front door and carelessly snatched a towel to cover myself from the chilly air outside. Rodolfo and Chucho came running after me.
I wasn't prepared for the beautiful sighting I put my eyes on when I looked up to the sky. My jaw dropped and I got speechless, admiring the red crescent that would soon disappear altogether. What an excellent timing... The vision of the eclipsed moon and some very bright starts in the clearest sky I simply got lost in rapture.
The night was cold and silent, everybody sleeping, and I just couldn't believe why there were no other people admiring this wonderful gift from the sky. Well, never mind. I enjoyed my gift. And I gave thanks for it.

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  1. I am sure that there were plenty of people who watched the eclipse. But remember, you saw the very end of it. They had probably gone back to bed by then. I know that while I stood on the balcony of my apartment in D.F. at 2:30 A.M., I could hear voices of people who were awake and watching.

    1. You're right... I was a little bit late to it and perhaps the others were back in bed. And now that I think of it, perhaps it was best, I felt like the eclipse was just for me. ¡Abrazo!

  2. Tinis yo pase las horas en mi pato, curando mis piedras.

    1. ¿En serio? Yo sabía que se recargan con la luna llena, pero me imagino que este eclipse le debe haber dado una influencia fenomenal... qué bueno que se te ocurrió. Saludos.


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