martes, diciembre 03, 2013

Ah Chopin, Comme Je T'Aime (en écoutant Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2)

Last night I was watching the movie "127 Hours" on TV, after a long Sunday voluntarily secluded at home, doing and endless series of chores. The man had fallen down a narrow passage of the canyon, followed by a downpour of boulders. One of these ended up smashing his arm against the wall of the canyon, keeping him trapped. He starts to yell for help, but soon realizes he's way beyond earshot. His efforts to move the boulder and free his arm are totally futile...
I guess I was supposed to be interested in the plot, perhaps trying to predict what would happen next, but I guess I was too tired and my eyes kept closing. I started to fall asleep. But then there was a flashback scene, where he was a boy at home with his parents, holding a VCR and taping his little sister while she plays the piano. And that melody was so beautiful that it just made me wake up... I thought it was Chopin, but I wasn't sure.
Luckily there's Internet, and that's how I found out that the melody was Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2. I turned off the TV and played the YouTube clip over and over until I fell completely asleep.

Today I left the office and headed directly to a music store to buy a good CD of Chopin's works. When it comes to music that really matters to me, I prefer to buy a cd than downloading the mp3 file. My trip back home was deliciously pleasurable. Lost in contemplation, I completely forgot about the horrible traffic jam that awaits me every day where the bridge is being slowly constructed.
I just love this melody. I close my eyes and start to relive memories of places where I've never been, like an ancient house in Europe, sipping a glass of delicious red wine, in the company of beautiful people, while the notes of the piano resonate in the high ceiling of the hall. I feel a little melancholy, but not sad or depressed. I imagine two lovers who have to say good-bye in spite of all the love they feel for each other. Life makes it impossible to fulfill their love. They dance and laugh, but they know that, when the melody is over, they will follow separate ways forever.

By the way, what a beautiful interpretation of young Chinese pianist Yundi Li.

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  1. Que angustia ver esa peli cari, ver la amputación es tremendo, y bueno James franco es un RORRO...jujuju... yo soy malo para eso de recluirme en casa cari, quisiera, pero no sé, me siento como mariposa o colibrí encerrado, yo necesito volar, pulular por aquí y por allá.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful image! And that nocturne is lovely indeed. If you like Chopin you might well also like Ravel. Daphnis and Chloe is one of my favorites.


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