martes, marzo 08, 2016

Hot Monday Night

It’s late, I’m sweating, I’m tired and I would like to take a shower and then go to bed. But somehow I felt that I needed to stop by and drop a few lines here. It’s been so long since I was here… A couple of years ago I bought a book about how to become a writer, and the one advice from the author that I can clearly remember is that one should write every day, whether a few lines or a lot of pages, but write every day. The advice is imprinted in my head, but I can rarely find the time or mood to do it.
One of the reasons is that, being a very busy translator, I type, type, type hundreds or thousands of words all day and the last thing I want to do when I finish a project is continue typing. But there should be other reasons, they are hidden now but I’m sure they’ll come out. Years of psychoanalysis have taught me that.
Moving out from my old house really, really changed my life — I love the fact that I can go to almost any place without having to spend a lot of time driving in a congested route. I can get on my bike anytime I please and ride around without feeling that I’m going to be run over around the corner — drivers are more biker-conscious here. There is something about this house that makes me want to stay as much as possible here. Going out? Only if it is really necessary. Perhaps it’s the light — so many windows and doors letting the sun in since the early hours of the mornings. And light is what my friend Elizabeth sees in my face — she tells me I look wonderful now.
Another good change in my life is I’ve been doing exercise every single day since December 26, when I finally decided to follow the advice of my older brother Felipe, who has been advising me to get in shape for years. He’s a 63-year-old man whose athletic look makes me feel ashamed, but now I’m on my way of finally getting rid of this big old belly. He knows that I do not like gyms or running endlessy around parks like an idiot, but he proposed me to do a 5-minute routine with one of Samantha Clayton’s videos on YouTube. 5 minutes a day? I’m IN. That seemed like a very, very realistic goal to me and that’s the reason why I’ve kept doing it.Little by little, that big old belly will go away. Life has taught me that a little work every day gives great and lasting results. Here I go.

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  1. Dicen que el arte de escribir sólo se aprende en gerundio: escribiendo.
    Se ve que la mudanza te ha caido muy bien y que ha traido muy buenas consecuencias. Me da gusto!
    Ánimo con el ejercicio, yo también quiero hacer algo así, pero siempre siento que el día se interpone. Le voy a echar un ojo a los videos que mencionas.

    1. Gracias por tu visita, Alex. De verdad te van a ser muy útiles los videos de Samantha Clayton, y no son en absoluto pesados. Te lo digo yo que soy totalmente anti-ejercicio y no he dejado de hacerlos cada mañana desde la Navidad pasada. Ánimo.


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