viernes, noviembre 14, 2008


There was a power outage a few minutes before lunch break today. I had just clicked the "send" button for an email when the computer and the lights turned off before my unbelieving eyes. It put an end to a list of collection calls I was making, as well as a conversation with Alma.
I like outages. Here at the plant, it's just wonderful (for my ears) because all the noise from the production line ceases. Everybody left their desks, thankful to start their lunch break 15 minutes earlier with happy, relieved faces -- everybody except the boss. But that's not odd because he seldom smiles and often has an angry look on his face.
Almost unconsciously, I reached the door and stepped out of the office with an urge to enjoy the silence. I would have liked to run, leave the office and all the stress I've been experiencing and fighting this last week. I decided to cancel my plans to eat here at the premises and go out for some fried chicken with Claudia.
Yes, I like outages. Whenever the power goes out at night, I run out of the house and gaze to the sky, admiring a magnificent view that the electric lights deprive us from -- the stars and the moon at their best. Oh, how I enjoy it.

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