martes, agosto 11, 2009

Old Friends New Friends

I'm still amazed. Just last Saturday I came across Elizabeth, a friend and classmate of my college years whom I hadn't seen in more than 10 years.
And today, out of nothing I googled the name of a good friend I met about 20 years ago and, voila, I found his home address and phone number.
I have very good memories of those times. I remember that I was beginning to learn English and wanted to practice badly. It occurred to me that I could talk to the tourists, so I used to go downtown and, shy as I was, said hello to tourists and asked them questions to start a conversation. That's how I met my friends Mike and Byron.
They were very patient with my bad pronunciation and limited vocabulary, corrected my mistakes, and taught me new words and phrases. In exchange, I became a tourist guide for them.
We became friends and started to write letters when there was no email. We met every time they came back to Monterrey, and I visited them in San Antonio once. Then we lost contact.
Until a while ago, when I dialed the phone and spoke to Mike. For the first few seconds he sounded very puzzled, but then he quickly remembered and I knew he was happy to say hello to a good friend. He said, "it's been quite a long time, huh?" And yes, so many years and so many things have happened since then.
We couldn't talk much, but we exchanged emails and promised to keep in touch. It's good to make old friends new friends.

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  1. What do you say?

    I don´t speak english...


  2. Good thing you still have your friend phone number, I refuse to talk in englis for a while, I knew how to talk but I was ashame to do it, now I move like fish in the water, I loved this post in english Tino.
    Un saludo

  3. Great post elbibis,

    Very good to stay again in contact with your friend. Nice post to remember wonder years. Thanks to share.


    Sorry for my poor English =)

  4. Mi english tijuanero no da para mucho, but i believe que tu eres un great narrador.

    Thank you.

    Very mucho

  5. That´s a good thing, to go back in contact with former friends.
    I guess nowadays things are far easier bc most of us have emails and can keep in contact.
    I learnt english to be able to expande my roads and flirt with a larger amount of guys :P
    Kidding ! That´s false, what´s true is, i enjoyed your post.

  6. esteeeee... como yo de inglés sé lo mismo que de física cuántica, nomás aprovecho pa hacer acto de precencia y dejarte un saludo y un abrazo.

  7. ah que la chingada, no sé un carajo de inglés, ni pedo jajaja
    por cierto, ya te lo dije? gracias por tu comentario del cuentito mamón, porque fue la mejor crítica.


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